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The AMCC Difference

The AMCC Difference

AMCC can create a dispute resolution process that best fits what is needed to resolve your dispute.

AMCC provides the technical and procedural expertise necessary to give you a personalized resolution.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is now a widely accepted method of resolving disputes. We believe this is due to the design, purpose and practicality of resolving disagreements outside of the overwhelmed court system. It simply makes sense to submit a matter to a professional specifically trained in the nature of a dispute at hand. Moreover, there are many ways of resolving disputes without the personal and financial expense of court-based litigation.

At AMCC, we pride ourselves on our accessibility, expertise and professionalism. AMCC is the true alternative to litigation and cumbersome ADR programs. Clients of AMCC can be assured that decisions and awards are determined fairly after careful consideration of the evidence presented and not the selection of the lesser of two evils due to lack of technical knowledge. Our Neutrals are ADR Professionals who are skilled in their specific industry and are able to expertly ascertain costs and other remedies to provide fair and equitable solutions.

We have compiled useful resources for your advisory needs. Please take the time to access our database of ADR case law, State and Federal laws, as well as relevant sections of the California Code of Civil Procedure, California Evidence Code, Insurance Code 2071 and Business and Professionals Code.

The AMCC neutrals' skills include, but are certainly not limited to, the following areas of expertise:



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