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About AMCC

The AMCC Difference

The AMCC Difference

AMCC arbitrators and mediators have the technical expertise and specific industry experience that translates into accurate awards and settlements.

AMCC facilitates the dispute resolution process from beginning to end allowing the parties to concentrate on matters outside the claim.

Dispute Resolution Services

AMCC offers a wide variety of dispute resolution services, including, but not limited to, those listed below. Please click on a service area for more information.

Construction Mediation: AMCC offers a nationally recognized panel of Construction Mediators that have secured settlements well in excess of a hundred million dollars, ranging from simple two-party matters up to complex projects involving hundreds of stakeholders.

Construction Arbitration: As specialists in Construction ADR, AMCC has brought together an exceptionally talented and experienced panel of dispute resolution professionals to ensure that the benefits of Construction Arbitration are realized.

Construction Partnering/DRBs: AMCC has a strong project neutral presence to proactively work towards resolving pre-construction disputes in an effort to avoid delays and cost over-runs. AMCC can help you structure a contract that includes a project neutral, partnering or a dispute review board (DRB) for both large and small projects.

Appraisal of Insurance Claims: AMCC has a comprehensive panel of qualified 2071 appraisers and Umpires with unparalleled knowledge about both the process and current actual cash values to ensure fair and accurate Awards.

Insurance Dispute Resolution: AMCC neutrals possess an understanding of insurance disputes and are experienced in the nature of a loss, which allows for an accurate award or settlement based on the true value of the loss.

Real Estate Mediation: At AMCC, our Real Estate Mediators understand the respective positions of Buyers, Sellers, HOAs, Tenants, Realtors, and the issues that arise for both commercial and residential investments. More importantly, our Mediators have the training and relevant experience to properly explore and address these issues as they move the parties toward resolution.

Real Estate Arbitration: The professional Real Estate Arbitrators at AMCC all have the requisite experience and understanding to be highly effective neutrals to recognize the respective positions of Buyers, Sellers, HOAs, Tenants, Realtors, for both commercial and residential investments, from contract related disputes to disclosure issues.

ADR System Design: AMCC has the experience and flexibility to design and implement ADR strategies in a multitude of situations, from small localized installations to full scale, national programs for Fortune 500 companies.