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The AMCC Difference

The AMCC Difference

Easy, effective and efficient... the true alternative to ligitation and cumbersome ADR rules programs.

AMCC professionals possess exceptional technical expertise in their specific field which translates into accurate awards and settlements.

AMCC Dispute Resolution Neutrals

AMCC is deeply committed to its mission of providing competent, knowledgeable and industry trained alternative dispute resolution professionals to our clients. We achieve this mission with our panel of industry leaders who serve as ADR professionals in their specific field of expertise.

Clients of AMCC can be assured that decisions and awards are not determined by splitting the difference between two extremes; rather, ADR professionals who are skilled in their specific industry will be able to knowledgeably ascertain costs and other remedies to provide fair and equitable solutions. Our ADR professionals have the expertise and judicial temperament to see a dispute through to its logical and appropriate conclusion.

Rather than post a list of faceless names to our site, we prefer to provide a personalized list of ADR Professionals that will fulfill the precise needs of the parties. To obtain a list of highly skilled and technically competent professionals for the nature of your dispute, simply complete the online case submission linked above, or contact us via telephone, mail or e-mail. We stand by anxious to provide assistance.

At AMCC, we also take great pride in our customer service philosophy, accessibility and professionalism. We maintain reasonable hourly rates and lower case facilitation fees. We put forth every effort to make a sometimes challenging endeavor into a comfortable and efficient process of resolve. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and utilize our web presence for all of your ADR needs.

For more information and to receive a list of ADR professionals specific to your needs, please contact us at (800) 645-4874.