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The AMCC Difference

The AMCC Difference

AMCC can create a dispute resolution process that best fits what is needed to resolve your dispute.

AMCC provides the technical and procedural expertise necessary to give you a personalized resolution.

AMCC Mediation Checklist

Determine nature and specific issues of dispute.
Obtain Submission to Alternative Dispute Resolution form from either or call (800) 645-4874.
Contact opposing party and attempt to gain agreement to mediate dispute.
Provide opposing party with the Submission to Alternative Dispute Resolution form or means of obtaining it and this guide. AMCC will help accomplish this if necessary.
Send copy of Submission to Alternative Dispute Resolution form along with Case Facilitation fee to AMCC.
Receive and acknowledge Mediator Appointment.
Be willing to schedule convenient Mediation Session upon request of the Case Facilitator.
Send in retainer within time period requested.
Prepare for the Mediation Session with facts, documentation and sound reasoning. Be sure to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and prioritize your issues. Be reasonable and open to a variety of solutions.
Remember that Mediation is a highly successful, collaborative method of resolution.
Exhaust all opportunities to resolve your dispute amicably during the Mediation Session.
Conclude Mediation with a signed, written agreement for resolution.
Follow through in a timely manner on any part of the resolution in which you agreed to act.
Be proud of your ability to resolve issues in an efficient and contemporary way. Congratulations!