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CSLB Arbitration Program Information

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has generously provided for an Arbitration Program to resolve appropriate disputes between consumers and contractors. This program is governed by California Business and Professions Code Section 7085 through 7085.9.

Arbitration is advantageous to both parties. The process is fast, friendly and fair. The process averages just 50 days, and the legally binding Award is enforceable in court. The Arbitrators presiding over these matters are exceptionally experienced, formally educated and possess the necessary judicial temperament to provide for accurate Awards. The Arbitration hearings take place in comfortable setting and are designed to bring forth the true facts in a case.

The CSLB Arbitration Program provides for both Mandatory and Voluntary Arbitration. Mandatory Arbitration is for those matters involving financial injury of $15,500.00 or less. Voluntary Arbitration is for disputes involving damages between $15,000.01 and $50,000.00. Comprehensive guides to both processes are linked above. Both Mandatory and Voluntary Arbitrations are resolved by highly skilled and technically competent Arbitrators. The Award rendered is binding, and adherence to the remedies set forth in the Award can be enforced pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1285. It is important to note, however, that Civil Code Section 2855 may preclude a consumer from collecting the amount of an Award from the proceeds of a contractor's bond.

Please utilize the links above, as well as the following advice, to maximize your understanding and participation in the arbitration process.

  • Schedule the hearing date in your calendar immediately upon Notice of Hearing.
  • Prepare case for presentation. Be sure to bring two copies, in addition to your own, of all written evidence to the hearing.
  • Gather all contracts, plans, reports or other information you wish to present to the Arbitrator.
  • Compile proof of all payments received or remitted.
  • Compile proof of financial injury, including correction estimates/receipts.
  • Determine need for and schedule expert witness. Note that the requesting party must contact the state-appointed experts, who typically requires at least fifteen (15) days notice to appear at a hearing.
  • Gather any additional written testimony you wish to have heard.
  • List your issues chronologically and prepare an outline of your case. Be prompt and prepared at the appointed hearing time. Bring copies of documentary evidence for Arbitrator and opposing party.
  • Expect Arbitration Award within thirty (30) days of conclusion of hearings.
  • Act promptly upon your obligations as set forth in the Arbitration Award, and certainly no later than thirty (30) days after Award date.

Please contact AMCC with questions or requests for further information. We look forward to the timely and careful resolve of your case.